Bennett Natatorium

Swimming Ravens

Now connected to the larger Kardatzke Wellness Center, the Bennett Natatorium was originally a free-standing building located west of the O. C. Lewis Gymnasium. It was completed in 1973, just over a decade after the gymnasium. 

In 1971, opposite a photograph of the soon-to-be-demolished Anderson College Music Hall, the Anderson College News published an article discussing possible funding problems for the natatorium - a symptom of "the nation's inflationary spiral," according to the writer. Despite any financial hitches, the building was finished two years later. 

The natatorium was named for Dr. Rollie O. Bennett, a resident of Anderson, who contributed funds to the building's construction.

In May of 2016, Anderson University added its first varsity swim teams. The pool continues to be used for recreation, intermural sports, and classes as well.


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