Barney Warren Cabin

A historic installation on campus, the Barney Warren cabin was donated to Anderson University in 2005. 

The "Chief Singer"

Barney E. Warren (1867 — 1951) was a prolific and influential writer of early Church of God hymns, and from 1886 to 1891 the bass singer in D. S. Warner's evangelistic team. Estimates of the number of songs Warren authored hove around seven thousand hymns and gospel songs, including "What a Might God WE Serve," "A Child of God," "There is Joy in the Lord," "Power in the Blood of Jesus," "Every Hour for Jesus," "Joy Unspeakable," and "The More I Learn about Jesus."

Thirty two Warren songs are included in Worship the Lord, the current hymnal of the Church of God.

The Warren Cabin

Barney Warren's family home was maintained intact but in deteriorating condition on the Springfield Ohio Church of God Campgrounds. In 2004 the Church of God Historical Society, under leadership of Dale Stultz, positively identified the structure and in 2005 persuaded the Spring Camp Meeting Association Board to donate the building to Anderson University.

Read more about the project to move the cabin to Anderson University campus here.