Boyes House

Home for Anderson University's Presidents

Boyes House was built in 1968 to serve as the official home of the president of Anderson University. Four out of the university’s five presidents – Dr. Robert H. Reardon, Dr. Robert A. Nicholson, Dr. James L. Edwards, and John S. Pistole – have lived here.

The house was named in honor of Donald and Beverly Boyes who had generously given a lovely home located off-campus to house the current and future presidents of Anderson College. Since it was desirable for the president's residence to be located on campus, the gifted home was sold and the proceeds used to build the Boyes House located at 1240 University Blvd.

Anderson University Presidents:

Dr. John A. Morrison: 1923-1958

Dr. Robert H. Reardon: 1958-1983

Dr. Robert A. Nicholson: 1983-1990

Dr. James L. Edwards: 1990-2015

John S. Pistole, J.D. : 2015-Present


  • "Campus Buildings" Folder, A.C./A.U. Buildings Documents, Anderson University and Church of God Archives