Rice Hall

Anderson Universtiy's Former Co-Ed Dorm

Rice Hall, the third women's dorm on campus, was completed in 1966. Plans to build a new residence hall had been underway since 1950, but it was not until February 20th, 1957 that excavation began. A 1957 press release described the building as "Colonial design in Williamsburg brick," similar to the design of Morrison Hall. At the time, Third Street Hall was unique in being the only co-ed dorm on Anderson College campus - and the only dorm on campus originally built with air conditioning. 

The hall was first named Third Street Hall and originally housed 174 students. At the time, its unique z-shaped rooms were considered "an innovation in college housing." Each floor consisted of six separate units, each of which housed twelve students. During the 1966-1967 school year, President Reardon and Dean Nicholson discussed the possibility of naming each unit after a prominent faculty member.

Third Street was renovated and renamed University Boulevard in 1995. At the same time, a new lounge and several rooms were added, and the dorm's name was officially changed to Rice Hall. After its renovation, Rice Hall became a freshmen women's dorm and housed up to 234 students. 

The current name honors Hillery and Pauline Rice. Hillery Rice was a former pastor of the Park Place Church of God and the director of scholarship development at Anderson University.

Rice Hall was recently found to be in need of renovations, which would have been more expensive than the cost of a new building. Rice Hall will be closed in 2016 and Myers Hall will begin housing female students again. Rice Hall is scheduled for demolition in January 2017.


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