A Gathering Place

In 1906, when the Church of God moved headquarters to Anderson, Indiana, a field east of Old Main was established as a campground for use during Church of God Camp Meetings. Beginning in 1908, Camp Meetings were held in Byrum Hall, then a Church of God tabernacle. By 1918, attendance was as high as 6,000 on its peak day. By World War II, attendance was up to 20,000. Dormitories, a dining hall, and a bookstore were built on the grounds. These buildings were used by Anderson University as well as attendees of conventions. 

Church of God Ministries sold the land to Anderson University in 2006 after the demolition of Warner Auditorium, adding 37.7 acres to the then 125-acre campus. During the school year, the campgrounds are a popular place for putting up a hammock or playing a game of Frisbee Golf. 


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