Byrd Memorial Library

A Seminary Library

In 1964, seven years after the completion of Wilson Library, the School of Theology added its own library. It was named Byrd Memorial Library in honor of G. M. Byrd, who served as a pastor from 1869 to 1946. His sons were Wendell and Cecil Byrd, both graduates of Anderson University. Cecil Byrd later became a librarian at Indiana University and spoke at the dedication of Nicholson Library.

Byrd Memorial Library, though smaller than the main campus library, grew quickly. In November of 1950, the collection of books on theology and religious studies in Old Main library totaled 1,200 volumes. By the 1976-1977 school year, Byrd Library had 48,000 books and 340 periodicals.

The seminary library was originally separate from the campus library for accreditation purposes. Unlike Wilson Library, which at the time used the Dewey Decimal cataloging system, Byrd Library used the Union cataloging system. In 1978, President Reardon stated it that it would be better to have a single library and cataloging system on campus where the Instructional Materials Center would also be located. This idea started the unification process for Wilson and Byrd Libraries, which were combined into Nicholson Library in 1989.


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