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As the River Flows
The autobiography of John Morrison.

Faith, learning, and Life: Views from the President's Office of Anderson University
A collection of essays and speeches from the presidents of Anderson University

Guide of Soul and Mind: the Story of Anderson University
Dr. Barry Callen's history of Anderson University written for the 75th anniversary.

John Morrison Papers
The archivesspace collection of the John Morrison Papers.

Robert Reardon Papers
The archivesspace collection of the Robert Reardon Papers.

So I said Yes!
A personal memoir of Robert Nicholson.

Some Anderson College Reflections, 1947-1983
A collections of reflections from Robert Reardon's time at Anderson College.

Staying on Course: a biography of Robert H. Reardon
A biography of Robert Reardon by Barry Callen.

The Desk as Altar: the Centennial History of Anderson University
Dr. Merle Strege's centennial history of Anderson University.

AU Presidents
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