Alumni News

Three years after the final issue of The Broadcaster, Anderson College’s Alumni Executive Committee realized the need for a new publication directed at alumni. Alumni News, first published in 1938, was the solution. Unlike The Broadcaster, Alumni News was specifically intended for graduates of the college, seminary, and Anderson Bible Training School.

Since 1938 was Anderson College’s 21st anniversary, Alumni News begins with Volume 21 rather than Volume 1. It was originally to be published bi-monthly, but by the 1940s it was published eleven times a year. The original subscription cost was fifty cents.

Ida B. Rowe was the first editor of Alumni News. At this time, George A. Edes was president of the Alumni Executive Committee. In August 1941, Amy C. Philips took over as editor, and W. Dale Oldham became president of the Alumni Association. The magazine’s editorship changed again in July 1943, when I. K. Dawson took over the position.

Alumni News’s longest-serving editor was John H. Kane, who also served as director of the Alumni Association. He edited the magazine from October 1944 until June 1960. In July 1960, Joseph W. Espey became Alumni News’s final editor.

Alumni News reported a circulation of 8,500 in 1947, including many readers from abroad—primarily alumni who had become missionaries.

The magazine included articles about both current and former students. This included information on enrollment, commencement, marriages, births, and deaths, missionary assignments, recent graduates, and upcoming events like homecoming, class reunions, and the annual Harvest Festival.  Presidents Morrison and Reardon, as well as members of the faculty, were frequent contributors to the magazine’s editorial sections.

Alumni News also covered notable events in Anderson College’s history, such as the 25th and 30th anniversaries, the transition of leadership from President Morrison to President Reardon, and the opening of a graduate seminary. The effects of the Great Depression and World War II are also seen in articles from those time periods.

One of the most consistent themes in Alumni News is the expansion of campus through building projects, hiring of faculty, and expansion of the library collections. Several buildings were finished during the magazine’s run, including the chapel, Wilson Library, Morrison, Dunn, and Martin Halls, the O.C. Lewis gym, and the School of Theology building. Alumni News was one of the primary vehicles for the College’s fundraising efforts during this time.

While Alumni News’s content remained much the same, the magazine’s appearance changed frequently throughout its twenty-five-year run. Some examples of the various mastheads are shown below, including the special cover for the College’s silver anniversary. Even the magazine’s title changed slightly, with variations such as Alumni News: Report of Anderson College, A.C.T.S. Alumni News, and Anderson College Alumni News.

The magazine’s title was officially changed in December 1963 to Anderson College News.

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