The Echoes is Anderson University’s yearbook; it was published annually from 1922 to 2007, with the exception of 1973 and 1975. The publication is edited, compiled, and managed by a student group with a faculty advisor. Because of the changing publishing teams, the yearbook style and feel fluctuates yearly, giving every issue its own unique charm. Even though the style changed, the information in each issue remained relatively constant. Each issue includes a list of campus clubs with a description. Furthermore, there are also names and images of students, faculty, and staff in each edition. In 2007, because of the rise of digital technology, Anderson University decided to cease the publication of the Echoes yearbook.

Perusing the Echoes yearbook can be helpful in understanding the changes in student life across Anderson College’s history. For example, the publishing style has changed dramatically. In the early editions, there were academic essays to complement the images. In the later editions, writing is more sporadic and images take the forefront. In addition, analyzing club descriptions can provide valuable information for understanding the mission, purpose, and activities of the club. Furthermore, the images and descriptions can put a name to the face of a campus personality. It is also very helpful in understanding the timeline of events through Anderson University’s history.

All volumes of Echoes are available online here.