The Shining Light Survey/ The Shining Light

The Shining Light Survey was a semi-monthly publication that began in June, 1932, under the leadership of Theodore R. Wilson. The publication's goal was to assist the National Association in assembling and printing news of importance to the local and national work in West Middlesex, Pennsylvania. It was not intended to be a commercial medium, but as the publication became more established it pivoted toward advocacy of Black advancement.

In 1938 Evans Marshall, pastor in Brooklyn, New York, took over as editor. Marshall was the editor of the Shining Light Survey from 1938 to 1983.

In 1983, Wilfred Jordan became the third editor of the publication. He shortened the name to The Shining Light. Wilfred Jordan was the editor of the Summer 2000 edition of The Shining Light, the last edition the Anderson University and Church of God Archives holds. The archives has very little information about the publication beyond the year 2000.

The Archives is looking for any additional information about Evans Marshall or the Shining Light Survey. Furthermore, we are accepting donations of any edition published before 1960 or after 2000.