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Additional Research Opportunities

This exhibit is a great opportunity to practice historiography skills. Historiography is the study of history through interpretation of primary sources. At the end of the day, all sources are up for their own interpretation. The way these quotations are interpreted is just one way.

Read through the materials, if you feel called to do so, and decide whether your interpretation of the documents aligns with the interpretations expressed in this exhibit.

All Gospel Trumpet publications can be found under the Online Collections tab on the Anderson University and Church of God Archives website. Click the link for Gospel Trumpet publications.

You can search the word "vaccine" and have the works be in "order of creation ascending." To look up the exact publication from the quotations, type year-month-day (ex. 1908-06-25) into the search bar, and that publication will be pulled up.

As always, for more information, you can visit the Anderson University and Church of God Archives in Nicholson Library yourself. The hours of operation are 9-12, 1-2:30 Monday through Friday. You can also reach out to a librarian for more questions.

Additional resources