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Wilson Library Dedication-Crowds.jpg
Large crowd at dedication ceremony of Wilson Library

Wilson Library Model-1956.jpg
President Morrison, Dean Russell Olt, and Vice President Robert Reardon inspect a model of the future Charles E Wilson Library.

Charles Wilson.jpg
Photograph of Charles E. Wilson, taken at library dedication ceremony

Wilson Library_10.jpg
Two men install movable compact shelveing at Wilson Library

Wilson Library_9.jpg
Wilson Library in winter. Photograph taken from across the Valley.

Wilson Library_8.jpg
Construction of Wilson Library, most complete. Scaffolding is visible on the front of the building. Dean Russell Olt and Robert Reardon stand across the Valley, looking towards the library. Reardon is pointing towards it.

Wilson Library_7.jpg
Students outside Wilson Library at night. Three are standing, with one sitting on the steps.

Wilson Library_6.jpg
Students browsing the shelves in the library located in Old Main

Wilson Library_4.jpg
Construction of Wilson Library showing the excavation of the basement. Government Hall in background.
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