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Warner Auditorium_15.jpg
Demolition of Warner Auditorium. An excavator on the right side of the photograph is knocking down the walls under the dome.

Warner Auditorium_14.jpg
Color photograph of Warner Auditorium exterior

Warner Auditorium_13.jpg
Interior view of the Warner Auditorium dome. The interior of the building is not yet complete. Four men stand in a circle in the center of the room.

Warner Auditorium_12.jpg
Warner Auditorium's dome mostly complete, not yet raised on roof supports. A man is working by one of the supports.

Warner Auditorium_11.jpg
Construction of Warner Auditorium. The dome is still on the ground, not yet completed.

Warner Auditorium_10.JPG
People gathered at Warner Auditorium. Some are sitting under a tree on the right, while others walk in and out of the building.

Warner Auditorium_9-1961.jpg
Construction of Warner Auditorium. Roof supports are in place, with four men working around them.

Warner Auditorium_8.jpg
Interview view of Warner Auditorium. Photograph is taken from the back of the auditorium, looking towards the stage. The seats are empty.

Warner Auditorium_6.jpg
Exterior view of Warner Auditorium dome
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