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Old Main Chapel with President Morrison--1930's.jpg
A chapel service being lead by President John Morrison in Old Main.

Old Main_19-construction 1906 B&W.jpg
Old Main under construction. Text reads "Old Main Under Construction: Summer 1906"

Old Main_17-Sewing Room.JPG
Sewing room at Old Main, with eight women working.

Old Main_14-Gospel Trumpet Family Home early 1900's.jpg
Exterior view of Old Main when it was the Gospel Trumpet Family Home

Old Main_13-Decker.jpg
Altered photograph showing Old Main in its original location, with Decker Hall and the corner of College & Fifth as they appear today.

Old Main_12-Corner Stone.jpg
Removal of Old Main cornerstone. A crowd, including CE Brown (pictured top center), watches while W Sherill Fox and another man remove the stone, which reads "1906."

Old Main_11.jpg
Demolition of Old Main. Walls of top floor rooms are gone, and a wrecking ball is in the forefront.
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