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University Library Ribbon Cutting Ceremony-Dedication Oct 1989--Richard Snyder (left)-Pres Robert Nicholson (third).jpg
Library Director Dick Snyder, President Robert Nicholson, and others cutting the ribbon of the University Library.

Nicholson Library-model 1987.jpg
Ronald Moore, AC vice president for finance; Frederick Cook, manager of the Fisher Guide Lighting Product Group; James Ault, general manager of Delco Remy Division; AC President Robert Nicholson.

Nicholson Library-winter.jpg
Nicholson Library viewed from the valley during the winter.

Nicholson Library-computer station.jpg
Female student using a computer to access the online catalog in the Nicholson Library.

Nicholson Library 1989 5.jpg
Skylight of Nicholson Library. Miller Chapel steeple is visible.

Nicholson Library 1989 4.jpg
Students sit at a group of tables in the periodicals section. Racks of periodicals stand in the background.

Nicholson Library 1989 3.jpg
Four students sit or stand at the reference desk of Nicholson Library. Two more students sit at a study table to the right.

Nicholson Library 1989 2.jpg
Two students sit at the six microform reader stations.

Nicholson Library 1989 1.jpg
Inside the front entrance of Nicholson Library. Groups of students are standing around. One group is looking towards the computer in the center of the photo, using the online catalog.
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