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Decker_Phoebe Katharine (Spencer)--Decker Hall Dedication-June-1971.jpg
Portrait of Pheobe Katharine Spencer Decker that hangs in Decker Hall.

Decker_Philip Greene--Decker Hall Dedication-June-1971.jpg
A portrait of Philip Greene Decker that hangs in Decker Hall

Decker Hall Dedication-June 1971-Pres Reardon at Podium.jpg
President Robert Reardon, with Reverand James Earl Massey seated behind, addressing the crowd during the Decker Hall dedication.

Decker Hall Dedication-June 1971-Paintings revealed of Deckers.jpg
President Robert Reardon and donors reveal the portraits of Philip and Pheobe Decker, during the Decker Hall dedication.

Old Main_13-Decker.jpg
Altered photograph showing Old Main in its original location, with Decker Hall and the corner of College & Fifth as they appear today.

Decker Hall_9.jpg
A view of Decker Hall from across the Valley. Building is partially obscured by trees.

Decker Hall_8.jpg
Invitation for the dedication ceremony of Decker Hall. Card reads "Dedication of Decker Hall in Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Greene Decker, Anderson College, Anderson, Indiana, Monday, June 14, 1971" and features a drawing of Decker Hall

Decker Hall_10-1.jpg
Floor plans for Decker Hall's lower floor, ground floor, second floor, and third floor

Decker Hall_7.jpg
Night view of south side of Decker Hall

Decker Hall_6.jpg
Artist's representation of north side of Decker Hall
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