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The Passages sculpture outside Fine Arts in winter

Eternal Flame_1.jpg
A group of students stand to the right of the Eternal Flame.

Miller Chapel_4.jpg
View of Miller Chapel in winter from University Boulevard

Miller Chapel_3.jpg
Interior of Miller Chapel. People seated in pews looking towards man at the podium

Willhardt Memorial Window-SOT-pamphlet cover.jpg
"The Willhardt Memorial Window was built by the Willet Company of Philadelphia especially for the Adam W Miller Chapel. It seeks to visualize for the worshipper the basic truths of the Christian faith. God has acted! His activity, as pictured in the…

Miller Chapel_1.jpg
Postcard of Miller Chapel seen from University Boulevard side. Reverse reads: "On the reverse is "SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY and Adam Miller Chapel. Graduate students from around the world come to Anderson College's School of Theology to be trained for…

Hartung Hall_3.jpg
Panoramic view of north entrance to Hartung Hall. Helios in center
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