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Byrum Family.jpg
Photos of Byrum Family: Noah Byrum, Enoch Byrum, Bessie Byrum, Russell Byrum, Robert Byrum, and Ruthven Byrum

Byrum Hall_8.jpg
Exterior of Byrum Hall, partially obscured by trees

Byrum Hall_7-1938.jpg
Interior of Byrum Hall gym. Bleachers line the wall to the right.

Byrum Hall_6-1908.JPG
Exterior view of Byrum Hall, partially obscured by trees. Benches are arranged in a semicircle under the trees.

Byrum Hall_5.jpg
Postcard showing front of Byrum Hall. Text in the bottom left reads "Rejoice in the Lord alway - Philippians 4:4"

Byrum Hall_4.jpg
Interior of Byrum Hall, featuring raised platform and "Reserved Seating Section"

Byrum Hall_3.jpg
View of main room in Byrum being remodeled. Scaffolding and rafters visible.

Byrum Hall_2.jpg
Front view of Byrum Hall as Anderson College's gymnasium. Students are going in and out of the building.

Byrum Hall_1.jpg
Byrum Hall in winter; an early photograph
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