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Byrum Family.jpg
Photos of Byrum Family: Noah Byrum, Enoch Byrum, Bessie Byrum, Russell Byrum, Robert Byrum, and Ruthven Byrum

York Performance Hall_3-2012.jpg
Exterior view of York Performance Hall. A winding sidewalk leads to the entrance.

York Performance Hall_2-2012.jpg
Photograph from the balcony at a performance at York Performance Hall. President James L Edwards stands on stage in front of a grand piano. There are people sitting in the balcony behind the stage as well as in the main seating area.

Staircase in lobby of York Performance Hall. A painting hangs at the top of the stairs, and sunlight is coming in from the windows on the right.

Warner Auditorium_15.jpg
Demolition of Warner Auditorium. An excavator on the right side of the photograph is knocking down the walls under the dome.

Warner Auditorium_14.jpg
Color photograph of Warner Auditorium exterior
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