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School of Theology_3.jpg
Construction of the School of Theology building from University Boulevard side

O. C. Lewis Gym_2.jpg
Near completion of construction of O. C. Lewis Gymnasium. A crane lifts one of the roof arches.

O. C. Lewis Gym_4.jpg
President Reardon stands near O. C. Lewis Gymnasium as workers lay tile for the roof

Hartung Hall_2.jpg
Thirteen men, including Presidents Morrison and Reardon (pictured in robes), stand in front of Hartung Hall at the dedication on October 24, 1964, each cutting a section of the dedication ribbon.

Rice Hall_2.jpg
Construction of Rice Hall (then Third Street Hall). Scaffolding is visible around the building. Reverse reads: "Newest housing unit at Anderson (Indiana) College is Third Street Residence Hall--actually six, self-contained modules under one roof.…

Mansfield Apartments_2.jpg
Mansfield Apartments during construction. Workers are bricking walls

Decker Hall_1.jpg
Exterior of Decker Hall as seen from corner of College Drive and Fifth Street with students walking outside
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