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Exterior of Hardacre Hall. A sign outside reads: "Anderson University Hardacre Hall: Falls School of Business, Adult and Graduate Studies"

Hardacre 1.jpg
Exterior of Hardacre Hall as a Church of God building

Krannert Fine Arts Center 1977 1.jpg
Construction of Krannert Fine Arts Center. The outer walls of the second floor are not yet complete.

Kemp Music Hall_4.jpg
Photo taken looking up at Kemp Music Hall from the Valley

Kemp Music Hall_3.jpg
Demolition of Kemp Music Hall. The walls are still intact, but the roof is missing.

Kemp Music Hall_2.jpg
Two students are on the porch of Kemp Music Hall. Government Hall is partially visible to the right.

Kemp Music Hall_1.jpg
Three people stand in front of Kemp Music Hall, one waving. Two others sit on the porch, and two are walking on the path in the foreground.

AC Music Hall_2.jpg
Demolition of Anderson College Music Hall. A wall with a sign reading "Anderson College Music Hall" is still standing, but the roof and other walls have been pulled down behind it.
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