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Church of God and Anderson University Periodicals

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Periodicals of Anderson University and the Church of God

Since 1881, the Church of God has published a variety of periodicals dealing with children's ministry, missions, and the movement itself. Anderson University has also produced several alumni magazines, student-run newspapers, and other periodicals which are stored in the Anderson University and Church of God Archives.

Below is a chronological list of the periodicals stored in bound volumes in the Archives. Links lead to pages with more detailed information about each title. 

CHOG Publications Timeline

  • 1881-1996 - The Gospel Trumpet
  • 1891-1995 - Shining Light/Stories for Children
  • 1895, 1905-1906, 1914, 1951-1998 - Evangeliums Posaune (Germany)/Perspektiven
  • 1903-1911 - Evangelie Trumpet/Evangelii Trumpet
  • 1904-1907, 1916, 1920 - Den Evangeliske Basun/Evangeli Basun
  • 1907-1920 - Our Little Folks
  • 1910-1912 - Missionary Herald
  • 1912-1918 - Our Ministerial Letter
  • 1912-1952 - Boy's and Girl's Comrade
  • 1913-1915 - Der Jugend Wegweiser
  • 1916 - The Helper
  • 1920-1983 - Young People's Friend/Youth/Reach
  • 1933-Present - Shining Light Survey/Shining Light Publication
  • 1936-1951 - Friends of Missions
  • 1940 - The Pioneer
  • 1941-1951 - Missionary Outlook
  • 1946-1958 - Planning Creatively
  • 1951-2009 - Church of God Missions/Missions
  • 1952-1991 - The Gospel Contact
  • 1957-1988 - Missionsbote
  • 1959-1968 - Christian Leadership
  • 1961-2000 - Trombeta Evangelica/Trombeta/La Trombeta
  • 1961-2011 - Evangeliums Posaune (York, Nebraska)
  • 1962 - The Gospel Trumpet changes its name to Vital Christianity
  • 2004-2007 - Vital Christianity becomes OneVoice

AU Publications Timeline

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Black and White Relations in the Church of God (Anderson) Movement

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Exhibit Overview

Race relations affected all Americans throughout the 20th century, and Anderson University and the Church of God are no exception. This exhibit offers an overview of Black and White relations within the Church of God movement, and in turn within Anderson University.

The goal of this exhibit is not to provide exhaustive information, but rather to give a foundation to explore the Church of God movement's response to racial division. Throughout the exhibit, the different pages lead users to resources located at the Nicholson Library and the Anderson University & Church of God Archives. The user is encouraged to dig into these resources and formulate their own opinions and interpretations. 

This exhibit is divided into three sections: Understanding Systemic Racism in the North, Anderson University, and Church of God. The pages can be accessed in the sidebar at any time.

Happy Hunting! As always, the Anderson University and Church of God archives staff is willing to help you explore deeper. For more information about hours and contact information click here.

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