Anderson University Campus Buildings

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Anderson University Campus Buildings


Buildings of Anderson University, including academic buildings, libraries, residence halls, auditoriums, gymnasiums, etc.


Over the past century, Anderson University's campus has changed and grown to include new academic buildings, residence halls, apartments, and student services. These are among the most notable features of campus - including buildings that once existed and those that can be seen today.


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Collection Items

Old Main Fire Escape
Back of Old Main with fire escape chute and parking lot

Old Main Postcard
Postcard with painting of front exterior of Old Main

Old Main Front Exterior
Front exterior of Old Main, including porches and balconies

Old Main & Students
Front of Old Main with students walking on the sidewalk outside

Old Main Front Lawn
Old Main's front stairs and lawn

Old Main at Anderson Bible Training School
Front of Old Main and lawn

Old Main Cornerstone
Cornerstone being removed from Old Main before demolition by Robert Reardon

Old Main at Anderson College
Side view of Old Main with Anderson College sign

Byrum Hall in Winter
Byrum Hall in winter; an early photograph

Byrum Hall Gymnasium
Front view of Byrum Hall as Anderson College's gymnasium. Students are going in and out of the building.
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